December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap-Up

Year 2011 is over, so I think it's time to check to the past! I only started my blog this summer, and I'm still a total n00b, but I think I'm getting hang of it :)


Best books read 2011

Surely everyone remembers what I've told about these books? It was probably something like "freaking awesome!".

Worst books read 2011

It's hard to think really bad books, but these two.. Especially Blue Moon. Oh my. Plot? Interesting characters? Anything?? No? Okay.

Challenges 2011

I only participated in Goodread's challenge, where I set my goal to 70 books. Well, now I've been part-time unemployed, so I've had some time to read. So I passed with flying colors with total score of 87 books! Yay!

Series read 2011

I didn't include series where I've read only the first book! Imagine what it would be like then. Apparently I prefer series. New thing I just learned about myself :) Though I did suspect something like that.

Well, tomorrow is a new year, so I could make some New Year's resolutions soon!

Review: On a Dark Wing by Jordan Dane

On a Dark Wing by Jordan Dane

Published: December 27th 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
Format : Ebook
Pages: 304 pages
Source : Netgalley
Buy : Amazon | Book Depository

The choices I had made led to the moment when fate took over. I would learn a lesson I wasn't prepared for. And Death would be my willing teacher.

Five years ago, Abbey Chandler cheated Death. She survived a horrific car accident, but her "lucky" break came at the expense of her mother's life and changed everything. After she crossed paths with Death—by taking the hand of an ethereal boy made of clouds and sky—she would never be normal again.

Now she's the target of Death's ravens and an innocent boy's life is on the line. When Nate Holden—Abbey's secret crush—starts to climb Alaska's Denali, the Angel of Death stalks him because of her.

And Abbey finds out the hard way that Death never forgets.

I was quite excited to read this one, based on synopsis. I have weakness for angels, and if it's Angel of Death, that's just something I have to read! Unfortunately, after reading this, I'm quite.. confused, maybe? This was a good book, but there are things, annoying things, that are just hard to dismiss.

Main character is Abbey. She's quite whiny. She stalks people. Her mother died 5 years ago, but Abbey really hasn't moved on. She's on a constant guilt trip, that is never over. She acts like the accident happened yesterday, or a month ago, but seriously, it was 5 years ago. Yes, it's traumatic to lose your mother at young age, sure, but seriously.. Just move on, already!
She annoyed me occasionally, noticed? But in the end, I didn't hate her that much, since she managed to grow up.

Then there's Nate, to whom Abbey is in love with. Though they have never even spoke to each other, but sure, it's true love. And that's why Abbey spends her free time stalking him. But in the end, she's lucky enough to realize that she's not in love, she's just obsessed into point of somewhat crazy. Nate seems like a pleasant guy, who's into mountain climbing. That's what gets him into big trouble, since Death decides to play a quite a trick on him.

My favorite was Abbey's best friend, Tanner. He's in wheelchair and in the beginning he helps Abbey stalk Nate. Then their relationship moves to the next level, which I liked very much. Though that didn't happen until the very end of the book, which was quite sad, since I would've been happy to see more of that.

In the beginning the book is quite slow paced. After first 100 pages I started to skip sentences, especially about the whole mountain climbing thing. I would been happy without those parts. Then, finally, things started to happen and I couldn't stop reading.
I also would've been happy if the whole story would've been written from the Abbey's point of view. Now it kind of jumped around, and was quite hard to concentrate. It was also hard to really get to know the characters. You didn't really get past the surface, so their motives and inner thoughts didn't really come out.

But in the end, I did shed few tears in the right parts, so it wasn't that bad. It was actually enjoyable at times.

Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin for this book!

Don't forget: The giveaway is still on, check it out here!

Avon/HarperCollins launched Jordan Dane's debut suspense novels in a back to back publishing event in Spring 2008 after buying the 3-book series in auction. Pursuing publication since 2003, Jordan had received awards in 33 national writing competitions and was an energy sales manager in the oil and gas industry prior to selling. Now she is following her passion and writes full time.

Ripped from the headlines, Jordan's gritty plots weave a tapestry of vivid settings, intrigue, and dark humor. She loves challenging a reader's moral barometer with the borderline ethics of her characters and their flawed personalities—dark, angst-ridden antiheroes pitted against unforgettable villains. Publishers Weekly compared her intense pacing to Lisa Jackson, Lisa Gardner, and Tami Hoag—"romantic suspense that crosses over into plain thriller country with tight plotting and exceptional male characters, both bad guys and good."

Jordan and her husband share their residence with two cats of highborn lineage and the spirit of an intelligent canine who is impossible to forget.

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Netgalley Month - December Wrap Up

Earlier Vicky decided to declare December to be a Netgalley month. Unfortunately, it didn't go so well, meaning I only finished ONE. But that is still one less to read in January!

I read

Review coming soon!

December 30, 2011

December 29, 2011

Top 10 Characters in 2011

A Life Bound by Books, Confessions of a Bookaholic, Two Chicks on Books and Fiktshun came up with a great idea to celebrate the books we have read in 2011. Today's topic is..

Top 10 Characters in 2011

Not in any specific order.

  • Sophie from Hex Hall

  • Archer from Hex Hall

  • Varen from Nevermore

  • Evie from Paranormalcy

  • Jace from the Mortal Instruments

  • Adam from If I Stay

  • Alex from Delirium

  • Tally from Uglies

  • Katniss from the Hunger Games

  • Haymitch from the Hunger Games

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