July 25, 2011

The Beginning.

For years, I've been thinking about starting a book blog. Now, I've finally made the decision to start sharing my interest with other people.

I've always been sort of a bookworm. Since I learned how to read, I've been carrying a bag of books with me where ever I go. Since I had my daughter few years ago, I forgot my love for books for a while. But luckily, my husband is just as bookworm, and I found books again.

More about me.
I was born in 1984, in Finland. I've studied Information Technology, gratuated year ago, been working ever since, more or less. When I have freetime, I knit, watch movies, read books, listen to music or audiobooks and knit. I'm also very eager to collect things, like stamps, beautiful papers, buttons, stickers, books, cd's, dvd's.. Nowadays I only collect books and dvd's. Well, of course I have few boxes of yarn, hooks, needles, buttons, fabrics and so on, but they don't count, right?

What I read?
I read all kinds of books, though now I've been really concentrated on urban fantasy literature. I prefer books with some abnormal element, but I don't mind reading some Agatha Christie now and then :) Horror novels were in when I was a rebelling teenager, so I do have some Stephen King's novels too, but now.. I think I'm too old for them :) I don't want books to be scary. Since I have way too good imagination, I try to avoid scary books. I'm quite the chicken, even my own shadow scares me off, so I prefer books for kids and young adults (teenagers..).

I'm not sure yet how I do my writing, or in which language. Of course it would be nice to write something in Finnish, but I'm not sure yet. Perhaps I write mostly in English and now and then something in Finnish. We'll see!

I hope you enjoy reading my little blog!
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