March 01, 2013

Blog Tour: The Obvious game by Rita Arens

The Obvious Game
by Rita Arens

Published: February 7th 2013
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Format: Ebook
Source: For review
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“Everyone trusted me back then.

Good old, dependable Diana.

Which is why most people didn’t notice at first.”

"Your shirt is yellow."
"Your eyes are blue."
"You have to stop running away from your problems."
"You're too skinny."

Fifteen-year-old Diana Keller accidentally begins teaching The Obvious Game to new kid Jesse on his sixteenth birthday. As their relationship deepens, Diana avoids Jesse's past with her own secrets -- which she'll protect at any cost.

I know the synopsis doesn't really reveal anything, just gives a little hint. So, if you didn't already guess, Diana has an eating disorder. Well, there's only some small signs in the beginning but after all the problems keep piling up (her mother has cancer, her best friend is a total b*tch, things get tough with boyfriend..), things get worse. Really, her eating is all she has control over in the chaos called "life".

So, definitely not a happy read! And I wasn't expecting anything over the moon- happy, yet I was still surprised about how sad this book was. It's sad and angry, but oh so real and wonderful.
Diana was a lovable main character I could easily relate to and I was definitely on her side the whole time, even when you knew her actions didn't make any sense.
I mean, there's actually no sense at all, except in her own mind. She's drinking, having sex, doesn't eat, or when she eats, she throws up.. Her life is a mess, yet that sounds so familiar, cause when I was a teenager, that's how messed up everyone was.

The author did an amazing job with this book, and you could tell she knows what she's talking about. And even though this book talks about eating disorder and cancer, it's surprisingly fun book. There was laughter and tears, but in the end, I was feeling.. hopeful. I'm confident Diana will be fine and will have a happy life. And yes, I know she's a fictional character.

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Rita Arens said...

Thank you so much for sharing my book! I so appreciate it!

Monaliz said...

..and thank you for writing it, it was such an amazing read! :) Really, thank you!

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