June 26, 2013

Dead Living Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway (INT)

Dead Living
by Glenn Bullion

Published: January 7th 2013
Publisher: Permuted Press
Genre: Horror/Zombies
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It didn’t take long for the world to die. And it didn’t take long, either, for the dead to rise.

Born on the day everything ended, a world filled with the walking dead is the only one that Aaron knows. Kept in seclusion, his family teaches him the basics. How to read and write. How to survive.

Then Aaron makes a shocking discovery. The undead, who desire nothing but flesh, ignore him. It’s as if he’s invisible to them.

The survivors of the old suburb of Lexington call a high school their home. They live day to day, without any of the luxuries mankind used to enjoy. Samantha is a product of the new world. Alone, cold, looking out only for herself. She and the other residents of Lexington feel their hope dwindling. They need change. They need someone who can face the corpses. They need someone who can live in a city of the dead.

They need Aaron.

My favorite scene to write in Dead Living
by Glenn Bullion

I’d like to think Dead Living is a solid little zombie tale. It doesn’t just follow a group of blank slates who are fighting zombies, struggling to survive (although there is plenty of zombie munching). It was rewarding to breathe life into the cast of characters, and I actually struggled when it came to writing a few death scenes. The beginning of the book was particularly painful, but I won’t go into too many details to avoid spoilers.

I did have a few scenes that I loved putting together. Ironically one of them is more character driven than action, while the other scene is the complete opposite. The two main characters in the novel are Aaron and Samantha. The young pair couldn’t be more opposite, and I loved the dynamic they had with one another. I loved writing the scene in which they first meet, in zombie-overrun Baltimore. Looking at the situation from each character’s point of view, Aaron wonders why a woman is running for her life in a city where she shouldn’t be. Meanwhile, Samantha is curious as to how a man could survive on his own in the thick of a zombie horde. There’s immediate tension, as Aaron wants things to go back to how they were, but he can’t kick Samantha aside. Samantha wants nothing more than to get back to her camp, but needs Aaron’s help in order to survive.

The other scene I constantly come back to is an action-driven one near the end of the book. I won’t spoil anything that’s not on the back cover of the book. Aaron is essentially the rarest type of human in the zombie apocalypse. He’s immune to the undead, and he is actually a kind, hopeful man. But, as the scene I’m talking about goes into, every man has his limits. Revenge is something that is hard to walk away from, and what kind of damage could someone do if he didn’t have to worry about the zombie horde?

I had a lot of fun creating Dead Living, even with the scenes that choked me up a little. Hopefully anyone who enjoys zombie fiction agrees with me. Happy reading.

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About the author

I live in Maryland with my wonderful wife and four cats. I love gaming, computer technology, movies, and of course, reading and writing. I love science fiction and especially horror and the paranormal. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, anything supernatural, all beautiful subjects.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve years old. There’s just something about creating a story that I like. I always try come up with something that hasn’t been done, or is unique in some way. It could be someone with demonic powers, or something much more simple, such as a person that zombies ignore. It’s fun to create a character, give him or her a personality and background, and watch them evolve through a story.

I’ve tried other subjects, but always drift back to horror and paranormal. There’s a reason why we keep going back to horror movies and books, why they’ve made fifty Friday the 13th movies. People like to be scared, but more than that, I think paranormal and horror stir the imagination like nothing else. We’re all just a little nervous to open that closet door at midnight, or look under the bed.

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Great post, Monaliz! I've been hearing really great things about this one so far! I would imagine the intense character oriented scenes would be really fun and compelling to write - they're often the ones I love the most in these types of books, too!

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