Review Policy

To Authors/Publishers:

Here you can request for review/promotion (do an interview, giveaway, other kind of promotion)!

Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page, be sure to list not only the title of the novel but a brief description as well. You can also email me: zaturna [├Ąt] gmail [dot] com.

EDIT 3/23/13: The form is no longer available, due to some issues with it. So please contact me through email!

I am open to many genres but reserve the right to deny a request at any time. I am also open to reviewing books whether it is a ARC or already released.

Currently I'm accepting only physical copies, thanks to huge amount of ebooks I've received so far!

Please make sure your book is something I actually read and review on this blog:

Genres I enjoy: YA, paranormal, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, chick lit. Sometimes also some science fiction, epic fantasy, mystery and so on. I'm open to many genres.

Genres I do not accept: Autobiographies/biographies/memoirs, religious literature, historical non-fiction, poetry, self-help, erotica.

I try to contact you back within 72 hours of your original correspondence with either a denial to your request or additional information needed to complete the review. Please note: it is your responsibility to provide me with a copy of the novel you are requesting me to review.

I have a huge pile of books to read (both for review, and for pleasure), so my TBR pile is quite huge, one might say. Which means…if I agree to review your book it could take 1 month or 3 before I have a completed review ready to be posted.

I will of course email the author or publisher with a confirmed date of completed review. The review will be posted in number of locations, including but not limited to my blog,, Goodreads and The Book Depository.

I review all books using a 5 point cupcake rating. This rating is based on plot, characters, ending, writing style, entertainment, and originality. My reviews are my own thoughts on the book and will not be influenced by emails, donations, or other outside sources.

If you would like me to promote your book or you as an author, I would be more than happy to, whether it be an interview, or if you would like me to host a contest (in which you supply the prize,) again just fill out the form/email me! :)

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