April 25, 2013

Bad blogger

I've been a lousy blogger, I know. But it's been pretty hectic!
I get up 5.30 AM, take my daughter to daycare, go to work, do some stuff @ work, get my daughter from daycare, go home, start cooking and cleaning and if my hubby is working @ night, also take care of our daughter by myself. Then daughter goes to sleep, and I want to do the same. Oh, but I can't, since someone keeps kicking me nonstop.

Though yesterday evening I spent in horizontal position, since I kept having pretty painful contractions and aren't due until 7th of July! So that's why there haven't been reviews and I haven't even pick the winner of my latest hop. I know, I suck, but I try to be better!

Luckily I'm soon to be unemployed again. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait to stay at home again, at least for a little why. Especially since the place I work in brings people health issues, me included. That's why I've been having all the ear- and sinusinfections. Hopefully those problems are gone soon!

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