Welcome to my new feature called


What is Chit•Chat?
It's basically me connecting with other bloggers by interviewing them!

You get the idea, right?

And who can participate?
Anyone who wants to :)

Just send me some mail:

zaturna [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

How often will there be Chit•Chat?
Well, that depends on you, my dear readers!

My goal is to post Chit•Chat at least every second week but, of course, that depends on how many are willing to participate to my interrogation ;)

Just kidding, it won't be that bad!

If you have anything to ask, just contact me!

Who I've been having some Chit•Chat with?

May 2012
9.5.2012 Patricia (Book Exhibitionism)

23.5.2012 Leah (The Pretty Good Gatsby)

12.7.2012 Caro (The Book Rogue)

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