August 14, 2012

Our little bookworm

Sorry for this useless piece of information, but I just have to share it! Earlier, when Pinja, our daughter, wanted us to read her some book, I was like "oh no, some idiotic childrens book again" (of course, didn't tell this to her, it's just a little frustrating when you read a book called "The Pig" for the 1500th time!).

But not anymore! Pinja watched "How to Traing Your Dragon" in the beginning of the summer and now she's the biggest fan. So, when I found a book with the same title from the library, I couldn't help myself, I just had to borrow it. And now we read one chapter every night.

Of course, it's pretty sad when you're kid so big she doesn't want to read "The Pig" book anymore, but it's also pretty awesome! Especially when knowing I first started reading because my aunt read one chapter every night from The Brothers Lionheart and that made me fall in love with books.

Okay, that's all. Just had to share it :)

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