November 15, 2012

New friend called sinusitis

Yeah, I got sinusitis first time ever, and man, it SUCKS! Still, I try to answer all the emails etc. ASAP and try to write reviews.

Hopefully I'll be able to get out of bed soon!

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Patricia said...

Urgh! I can feel your pain! I have some symptoms of a sinusitis and several otitis media-symptoms right now. XD It just sucks!

Get better soon!!

Monaliz said...

I'll do my best :)

But at least I finished reading Everneath yesterday (for the second time), and started reading Everbound..

So, at least I've been doing something, even when it's just me lying in bed, reading a book :D

Melissa's Midnight Musings said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Monaliz said...

Thanks, a little better now! Though today ended up being another sickday.. But hopefully this will pass someday :P

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