November 22, 2012

Old friend called sinusitis

Yeah, so I thought this would be a friend of mine only for a short time, but here we are, like best friends for life! I ran out of antibiotics yesterday, and now I feel ten times worse.

So this is the reason why I keep pushing back my reviews and why it's so quiet around here. My brain's just not working at the moment, haven't done any reading or even knitting, just spent my time watching New Girl over and over again.

But I really, really try to get back in business ASAP!

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SinupretSa said...

Sinusitis can really be a pain and it can affect your everyday activities in a way that you pull back a little from the things you enjoy doing. If it is not treated properly, it will continue to the next stage so, really hope you went back to the doctor for more effective medication.

Monaliz said...

I'm definitely feeling better now, let's just hope that damn thing won't come back again! :B

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