September 07, 2011

Paperback or Hardback? #1

Found this meme through Books for Company, again!

dark parties by sara grant



This is a tough one. I have a thing with covers that are black, and has a thingy in it (Twilight, Lucian..), so obviously hardback would win. But, for some weird reason I like the cover with girl, too. I like the snow and the dress. So let's say, it's a tie.

extraordinary by nancy werlin



I adore the paperbackcover. She's so pretty and not just one bad cartoon! So, paperback is the winner!

switched by amanda hocking

Paperback vol. 1

Paperback vol. 2

I like the font in both versions. But that's pretty much all. But, against all my rules, the font is enough in this case. I love the font and swirls in paperback vol. 1. So paperback vol. 1 is the winner.

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