January 07, 2013

Cityglitter Blog Tour: Guest Post by Carla Caruso

Celebrities who may well be magical

by Carla Caruso

Many people love a story with a touch of magic – whether it is in book or film. Me included!

Hence, my new book, Cityglitter, centres on a posse of glam fairies, known as ‘cityglitters’. You can spot this variety of fairy in your midst because they can’t help from wearing a splash of pink amid their outfits, they look like Victoria’s Secret Angels but have actual wings (hidden from human eyes), and they naturally smell like perfume Mariah Carey would put her name to.

It made me ponder which well-known faces, regularly seen out and about on the A-list circuit, could actually be magical, too. You know the types who never have a hair out of place or put a foot wrong on the red carpet. Well, it’s fun imagining it anyway… here’s my list.

  • Blake Lively. She’s always getting about in gorgeous, princess-style frocks and wearing little plaits in her wavy blond hair – very fairy-ish. Plus, she magnetised Ryan Reynolds with her ethereal charm. Who knows? Maybe she’s got a spot of fairy blood in her.

  • Kate Hudson. Her mum’s a little bit kooky and Kate herself has the tinkling laugh down pat. I could so see her in a tutu and pair of stripey socks!

  • Drew Barrymore. She befriended an alien in E.T. and she looks forever-young, like she’s sipped from the fountain of youth. Who’s to say she’s not otherworldly?

  • Miranda Kerr. She’s been a Victoria’s Secret Angel – just maybe the wings she had on display weren’t fake? Plus, with her doll-like face and endless pins, she’s got “perfect fairy girl” stamped all over her.

  • Criss Angel. Uber dark, uber mysterious… perhaps his illusions are actually – deep breath in – real?

  • Channing Tatum. Surely being that attractive can’t be human? We say: fairy bad-boy all the way!

Cityglitter by Carla Caruso (Destiny Romance) is about a gorgeous fairy living a glam life in the big city, who does the one thing she promised herself she’d never do: fall in love with a human.


by Carla Caruso

Published: September 15th 2012
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

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Christelle is like any other 20-something living in Sydney, Australia – except for one huge secret. She enjoys cocktails with girlfriends, luxury brand launches, gossip and shopping. For an added touch of spice, there’s also the sizzling connection with her new boss, the gorgeous Jasper.

Then Christelle’s younger sister, the hapless and naïve Trixie Fifi Panache, arrives unannounced, and things begin to fall apart. Not only does Christelle have to deal with her sister’s exploits and embarrassing mistakes, but she also has to live with the fear that her escapades will reveal the truth: Christelle and Trixie are half fairy, half human, and hidden beneath their clothes are a pair of gorgeous wings. To make matters worse, Christelle has fallen for Jasper, but knows that taking the relationship any further threatens exposure. And no love could survive that, could it?

Cityglitter is a charming, magical romance that leaves in its wake a glitter of fairy dust. With inner-city fabulousness and sophistication, this fun celebration of love will add more than a touch of sparkle to your life.

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