January 01, 2013

Happy New Year and a Giveaway Hop Winner!

Let's start with HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's already 7.50 AM here, so my new year is done by now. Though I was asleep by 11 PM, I'm old and everything :D
How was your new year's eve?

Okay, it's time for the giveaway winner! This is awesome: TOTAL OF 1019 ENTRIES!

That's just pure awesomeness!
There's other things I should be doing today too; There's suppose to be review of Mind Games out today (cause it was so awesome, so what's a better way to start the new year?), and I should post the "End of 2012 Survey" in some point.. There also was bunch of challenges, so I should probably write a recap of those, too..

And I'm suppose to go ice skating today!! So much to do, so little time! Though I was so wise I took some holiday from work, so it's a week of freedom ahead!

Okay, I'll end this torture now, it's time for the winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I will email you ASAP, congrats and happy new year!

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