December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas, so merry Christmas to you all! I don't have any "real" gifts to you this week, but I have a goal: to post a whole lot of reviews, even in a mini- format. Since I usually remember to read book, BUT forget to write reviews, I try to be nice this Christmas and write something!
Okay, there will be a little present for one of you, just remember to stop by when the Best of 2012 Giveaway Hop is running from December 27th to 31st!

Now I have to start making the Christmas porridge and put the sauna on! I heard Santa Claus will be visiting us in a few hours, after that there will be more eating, since there's a whole Christmas meal waiting in the fridge. Yeah, feel sick already, but what can you do!

Merry Christmas!

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