October 11, 2011

Cover Crazy #6

Yet another Cover Crazy, Hosted by The Book Worms.

Death of a Black Rose by Tish Thawer

A black Rose dies...

Now it's time to run...

The one I love lost... oh God, what have I done?

Book 3 in The Rose Trilogy. A YA paranormal romance that concludes with a heroine who's now the one to fear, a vampire who vows to save the soul of the one he loves, and a vampire clan whose new Sire is already facing extinction.

~ ROSE ~
I'm Rose Reynolds.
I’m now a vampire and everyone's afraid of me.
My blonde hair has drifted to black,
indicating just how "bad" I've become.
Christian swears he can save me....
... but what if I don't want to be saved?

I'm Christian and I’m still in love with Rose.
She’s now a vampire, which is not a good thing.
She turned out darker than I could've ever imagined.
I know I can save her. I have to....
.... because my very existence depends on it.

Quite intriguing!

I love this cover because :
* The shades of black and red
* Silvery hair, I want!
* Girl's position

* Girls face is little crooked
* Reminds me of Jenny Humphrey

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