April 14, 2012

The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone

The Boy on Cinnamon Street
by Phoebe Stone

Published: February 1st 2012
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Format : Hardcover
Pages: 240
Series: -
Source: Borrowed
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A story about a wounded girl and the boy who won't give up on her.

7th grader Louise should be the captain of her school's gymnastics team - but she isn't.

She's fun and cute and should have lots of friends - but she doesn't.

And there's a dreamy boy who has a crush on her - but somehow they never connect.

Louise has everything going for her - so what is it that's holding her back?

Phoebe Stone tells the winning story of the spring when 7th grader Louise Terrace wakes up, finds the courage to confront the painful family secret she's hiding from - and finally get the boy.

Louise is seventh grader, living with her grandparents. She wants to be called Thumbelina, because she's just as tiny. She has a best friend, Reni, who has huge crush on Justin Bieber. Yeah, I don't get it either.
Reni has a brother, Henderson, who is smart and also a friend of Louise.
One day, boy called Benny brings a pizza to Louise and she can't shake this feeling that there's something special about this boy.
Her friend Reni is convinced that Louise has a crush on Benny, and since Louise is receiving notes from a secret admirer, they're convinced that Benny likes her back.

This book did have a lot of potential, but I just didn't really connect with it. Through out the story you'll get little glimpses where you suspect that everything isn't what it looks like, but it's just too little information.
And it's really, really weird to constantly mention Justin Bieber and that Louise is convinced she has a crush on someone just because her friend tells her so. I mean, come on, wouldn't you know if you had crush on someone?! Especially since the feelings Louise has towards Benny aren't really that positive. It's just weird.

I actually thought this would be more about romance and young love than anything else. And I was nearly finished with the book when I realized that Oh, this is about some sort of trauma! It was pretty hard to figure this out, since nothing huge wasn't revealed until I was nearly finished with the book.
And I really did like the ending, since there was some real emotions. I actually did cry little, which is the main reason I didn't completely hate this book. I did consider few times that I would stop reading without finishing this book, but since the best part was in the end, I'm glad I finished this.
Though I still feel that you shouldn't just write a good ending, since some people might stop reading before that since the ride isn't just that nice.

Overall, a nice read. An okay read. And that's only because the ending was great, which somewhat balances the not-so-great parts. Maybe I'm just too old for this, and the Justin Bieber- references really didn't help. And it won't take long time before nobody remembers who the hell is Justin Bieber, so it probably would have been smarter to leave his name out altogether.

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Kimbacaffeinated said...

The whole Justin Beber thing is weird..lol Great review ;)

Monaliz said...

Thanks! :D And definitely weird, I didn't really appreciate it :D

Stephanie O'Neil said...

This looks cute. :)

RebeccaAlora said...

Your review made me giggle.

Monaliz said...

Good to hear :D

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