February 27, 2012

The Beautiful Code by Sadie Hayes

The Beautiful Code by Sadie Hayes

Published: December 20th 2011
Publisher: Backlit Fiction, LLC
Format : Ebook
Pages: 100
Series: The Start Up #3
Source : From author for review
Buy : Amazon

When a college freshman's breakthrough software program catapults her into the limelight, she and her twin brother must navigate a treacherous world of money, power, and envy: Silicon Valley.

In a world of tweets, apps, and mobile games, The Start-Up is a fast-paced and exciting serial story with a new episode released each month.

So, as we all remember there was some huge cliffhanger in the end of the second book, right? So of course we expect for Amelia to do the right thing and blow the whole thing up? Wrong! I was really surprised to see that even after two months, Amelia hadn't told Adam the truth and is actually sneaking behind his back. I'm also so sneaky that I won't tell what this huge secret is, you just have to read the book ;)

We also meet new "bad guy", who is actually a girl, who works for company names RemoteX. And this whole thing pissed me off completely. I just hated that woman so much! Maybe I've been traumatized in my childhood by some mysterious woman wearing wigs or something, I don't know, she just made my blood boil. Every time she was around, I waited for a vein to pop in my head.

I have to say, T.J. is actually growing on me! I thought he was a real a**hat brat, but now we've seen nicer side of him. And I can't wait to see if there will be something between Amelia and T.J., let's hope so ;)
Especially since I'm still not over the whole Amelia-has-crush-everything-goes-to-pooper-thing, I just want some romance for her!

Adam also learns the truth about that-thing-I-will-not-speak-about, and that was one of my favorite scenes. Sorry, I just love when there's heartache and pain!

And Patty. And Chad. And Patty. And Chad. Oh dear. I'm torn. On the other hand, I think Chad is an a**. Then again, I wish they'd end up together. Gosh. Also, in this book these two storylines finally meet in the most interesting and intriguing way!

There's another huge cliffhanger, again! It left me wondering. My imagination kind of started flowing and I'm quite sure that in the next book we'll find out that T.J. was cruising around with the stolen Porsche, for some weird reason driving like a nutcase. Then he was distracted and accidentally drove over Patty and all of her family, including Shandi, the bride herself.
I know, this might not be the most obvious solution, and you may wonder that why would they all stand in a small group (so small that Porsche could hit them all at once) just waiting for a car to hit them, waiting for a car to hit them. And why would be T.J. driving on the church lawn.

Okay, maybe we'll just wait for Sadie to give us the explanation. Soon, please?

Yet again, my thanks to Sadie. I'm completely hooked :)

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