December 05, 2011

Cover Crazy #12

Yet another Cover Crazy, hosted by The Book Worms.

Veronica and the Vampire by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Veronica Davis is a woman with a desperate need.

If she doesn't bring a date to her big sister's wedding, the L for loser that's imprinted on her forehead will become permanent, as far as her family is concerned. And heck, she's started to believe it, herself.

Why else would a girl end up at a Los Angeles escort agency with the strange acronym V.A.M.P. Inc? Where you pick your date from a row of coffins in the agency's basement. Guys who can't meet you at lunch time, due to the fact that they sleep until sundown.

You know . . . . vampires.

And when she meets the unearthly handsome Christopher, the agency's odd acronym begins to take on a whole new meaning. Tackling her sister's wedding actually starts to seem like a piece of cake . . .

I love this cover because :
* It's cute and simple!
* It's perfect for the blur, quite funny
* Love the pink
* Love the lollipop, I want one too!
* Love the "Not just another deadend date."!

* The author's name just doesn't fit to the cover. Now it's really distinguishable.

5 kommenttia :

Anonymous said...

Cute cover! :)

Here’s my Cover Crazy post. :)

BooksforCompany said...

Ohh this cover is definitely unique and I agree, it is cute!
Thanks for introducing me to it =)

A Backwards Story said...

That lollipop is really cute! I like that the title is in the moon. :)

Sana said...

Except for the way the authors name is printed, I like the cover a lot. The lollipop is so cute!

Check out my Cover Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh. Love this cover! It's beautiful! Excellent pick! Thank you for sharing!

Books For All Seasons

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