December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap-Up

Year 2011 is over, so I think it's time to check to the past! I only started my blog this summer, and I'm still a total n00b, but I think I'm getting hang of it :)


Best books read 2011

Surely everyone remembers what I've told about these books? It was probably something like "freaking awesome!".

Worst books read 2011

It's hard to think really bad books, but these two.. Especially Blue Moon. Oh my. Plot? Interesting characters? Anything?? No? Okay.

Challenges 2011

I only participated in Goodread's challenge, where I set my goal to 70 books. Well, now I've been part-time unemployed, so I've had some time to read. So I passed with flying colors with total score of 87 books! Yay!

Series read 2011

I didn't include series where I've read only the first book! Imagine what it would be like then. Apparently I prefer series. New thing I just learned about myself :) Though I did suspect something like that.

Well, tomorrow is a new year, so I could make some New Year's resolutions soon!

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Tana said...

great blog, I really like your 2011 wrap up, I need to work on my blog a bit more lol. I am a new follower here is my blog link

Monaliz said...

Thank you, that's always good to hear :) I followed you back!

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