December 15, 2011

Review: Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
Published: July 12th 2011
Publisher: Scholastic UK Ltd.
Format : Paperback
Pages: 496 pages
Series: The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3
Source : Borrowed from library
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The thrilling conclusion to #1 bestselling Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy from Maggie Stiefvater.

In Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver, Grace and Sam found each other. In Linger, they fought to be together. Now, in Forever, the stakes are even higher than before. Wolves are being hunted. Lives are being threatened. And love is harder and harder to hold on to as death comes closing in.


This was the third, and last, part in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. As always, it made me feel a little nostalgic and I nearly cried even before I started reading. After Linger, I had some high hopes for this book. I kind of expected it to be heartbreaking and I was prepared with tissues. Unfortunately, it was not.

Forever was exciting and full of action, but I cried only once. Since there wasn't really any closure, it felt as the author left everything in the open, so it would be possible to write fourth book to this series? Maybe, I don't know. But I wasn't happy with the ending, since there was so many threads left loose.

I was happily surprised, when some unexpected person began to help Sam and Grace. It was kind of a sudden, but it wasn't so out of the blue. I hate when something just happens, without any warning or reason. (Yeah, still mourning over Beautiful Darkness.. Sorry!)

My love for Cole is still unwavering, though I didn't like how things ended with him and Isabel. It's the same with the whole ending: If there comes 4th book, it's pretty good cliffhanger. If this really was the last book, it's not so good ending.

Overall, this series was a good read. I didn't feel the must to get all these books and read them right away, but they were pretty okay. Especially when I didn't like werewolves before (I like my men dead. Vampires, I mean, nothing disgusting!)! I will definitely add these to my wishlist, need to get these to my bookshelf! :)

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aleksandra said...

I still have to read this one. I didn't like Shiver as much as Linger, mostly because Shiver was very... I don't know, boring/ordinary? No real life in characters for me there. And then came Cole and brought the dynamics and so on. So I have high hopes for the third one. But I really doubt there will be a fourth book. "/ wasn't this supposed to be a trilogy all along?

Monaliz said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there won't be fourth book. And that makes the third books ending quite unfulfilling :/ And Linger was definitely better than Shiver, thanks to Cole! ;)

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