March 17, 2012

Quick update

First of all, sorry I've been so absent lately! I'm been pretty IRL, since our landlord just told us he's selling the apartment we rented 4 years ago, so we've been running around town looking for a new place to live. And we're actually thinking of buying own home, yay! :)
So this is kind of a good news, since otherwise we would never thought about buying own apartment.

Today I've been especially lazy (shame on me!) because yesterday I received my copy of Spell Bound! So I've been lying on the sofa and reading, nearly finished!

And.. I'm making some little changes to my layout, so don't freak out if there's navigation and pages missing at some point, since I decided it's much easier, and nicer, to write my own HTML so I get the changes I want! :)

So there will be some updates on the layout, and hopefully more reviews coming up soon!

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Ella Angelus said...

Getting a new house is always such a wonderful experience! :)

PatriciaBookExhibitionism said...

Oh, new house, yay! But the thing about landlord sucks anyway. :( Happened to a friend of mine a few years ago.. She was terrified because she only had like 3 months or something to find a new flat. v_v

So, good luck and I hope you enjoy Spell Bound! Haven't read the series yet. Shame on me. ;/

Monaliz said...

Let's hope so! :D

Monaliz said...

We're lucky, since the law says that we have at least 6 months to find a new place. Though our landlord is trying to sell this place with tenants (us), but either the new owner will give us the boot, or our rent goes upupup :P Then our rent would be at least 900€/month, so I'm starting to love the idea of having own home..! :D

I went to see one apartment last Thursday, it was great :) Though only 2 bedrooms, but it has an attic (25m2), I could put all my books and dvds and computers and yarns and sewing machines and everything in there :DDDD We have lots of stuff.. :D

Mthayer85 said...

Good luck with the house hunt! At least you have a fair amount of time to find a place so it's not too crazy a rush.
I've got a couple of giveaways going on at my blog so feel free to stop by and take a look!

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