January 27, 2012

Bookish Ramblings: What Bloggers Hate The Most a.k.a Dos and Don'ts for Authors

I just have to write a little about this subject, original post by Vicky!
Though I'm not on Twitter, so I won't say anything about that, just some rambling about the subject.

How not to behave on the Internet and how to approach book bloggers and request reviews.

I don't have much to say about the whole How to behave on the Internet- subject.

Of course I'm also aware about the whole war- situation between authors and reviewers and it's pretty nasty.

I don't like when someone's mean just because they can, no matter author or reviewer. Or belittling anyone.

I've read many posts about the situation and I was honestly surprised to even see this kind of thing going on.

And then to the whole subject of How to approach bloggers and request book reviews. I'm not an expert, these are just some pet peeves I've gathered on my short book blogging "career".

Requesting book review without reading my review policy

This is probably the biggest problem for me. And why? Because I hate to say no. It may not be a big thing to an author, but it is huge for me. I feel like I'm letting people down by saying no. But I'm usually only saying no because I don't read that kind of books. Which is clearly stated on my Review Policy - page.
Of course, if it's near some genre I read, it doesn't hurt to ask. But if it's some of my big no-no's (memoirs, religious literature) it feels bad to tell the author that thanks, but no thanks.

I've been lucky to have only couple of those kind of requests, since it's always quite unpleasent to turn someone down.

Requesting book review via comments

Unlike Vicky, I haven't had review requests via Facebook. But it was quite.. weird? to have a review requests through comments. Especially when they were automatically moved to spam- folder, and I didn't notice them until way much later.

It's much easier to contact me via email, that's why I've tried to put my email address so that it's easy to find. I'd hate to miss good because of spam-folder.

Requesting book review via spam email sent to X amount of people

Of course, it takes huge amount of time to sent personal message to every blogger. And this isn't such huge problem for me. But at least hide the other receivers' email addresses.
I haven't receive many of these, and despite this pet peeve, I've said yes to this kind of review requests. So it's not absolutely no-no, but it still feels impersonal.

Requesting book review with ultimatum "you promise review, I'll send you my book"

This is related to the Review Policy, since there's clearly stated that I have last saying in this matter.

And it's really hard to tell if I'll even be able to write a review without seeing the book!
Since many times I don't even know the books name when I receive this kind of email.

There might be just the sentence mentioned earlier, "You promise me review, then I'll send you my book". This is just plain rude.

Actually, let's take that back. Since I just remembered what is RUDE. The ultimatum mentioned before I can live with, but if someone sends me an email with "You promise me a GOOD review, then I'll send you my book". Then I won't even answer to that email. That's a deal breaker. I get upset nearly never, but then I'm actually mad. That book/person will be blacklisted forever. I have memory like an elephant in some things.

Ki$$ a$$

Well, I don't mind some Ki$$A$$ing, when it's well deserved (haha). Probably everyone loves some K.A. occasionally.

But when it's a story of how beautiful my blue eyes are (no, there's no that good pic of me anywhere, and BTW, they're BROWN) and my golden hair shines like the sun (it's black..) and how well I paint houses (you have no proof!) it just makes me ignore the whole message.

And don't take this the wrong way, this isn't a hate post against authors. I've had amazing emails from amazing authors! They know my name and efficiently make their point, without threats or ultimatums :) I've met few authors who, even through emails, seem to be the nicest persons on Earth (this isn't K.A., just stating a fact).

So don't let this post scare you from emailing me! I still feel warm and fuzzy inside every time I receive review request.

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