January 20, 2012

Interview & Giveaway (INT): Veronica Blade

Thanks again Veronica, for this interview! She's also hosting a givewaway for her latest novella, A Bite's Tale, and there will be two lucky winners!

Hi Veronica! Thanks for joining us at Mind Reading? today!

My pleasure. Thanks for having me!

Please introduce yourself and your latest book, A Bite's Tale.

I’m a YA paranormal addict who loves to write. It’s my very favorite thing to do. My hubby will attest to how grumpy I get when I miss a day.

A Bite’s Tale is about werewolf girl (Cinderella) who desperately wants a normal life, especially after her werewolf alter ego physically hurts the boy she's fallen for. Since she’s afraid she’ll hurt someone again, she closes herself off and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget the boy she loved.

You've written some paranormal romance now. Is there a reason you chose that genre?

Because I love it! For the most part, it’s all I read. When I do occasionally veer off, it’s to write chick-lit (like Blind Date, Checkmate) which is super fun as well.

Would you mind telling us what you're currently working on?

Blind Date, Checkmate has been doing so well that I got inspired to write another Chick Lit. From Fame to Shame (temporary title), a YA novella, will be released in a few weeks. This is about twin sisters — one a starlet and the other a good girl — who switch places. With lots of romance, of course, but no vamps or anything.

However, this coming spring, My Wolf’s Bane will be available, if anyone's itching for another of my paranormals. My Wolf’s Bane is about a teenage shifter who’s caught in a centuries-old battle between her kind and werewolves. Of course, as with anything I write, it’s more about the romance and less about the werewolves, vamps or witches.

Both Something Witchy This Way Comes and A Bite's Tale have very unique titles, how did you came up with them?

I agonize over my titles. I’ll think on it for days or weeks before I come up with something I really like. Then I survey my friends, family and beta readers. A Bite’s Tale was originally attached to a different novel, but the title worked so well for the Cinderella story, I stole it and renamed the other book Icing on the Stake (vamps and witches – this will probably be released in the beginning of summer).

I'm sure you love all your characters, but who's your favorite from A Bite's Tale?

I like Dunston. Yeah, I know I’m weird, but I just love how he’s an ancient vampire, possessing all the scariness of someone who has that much power, yet he’s still capable of loving our hero, Remy, to the point of doing anything to protect him.

Which is cooler, vampire or werewolf?

I go back and forth on that, depending on what I’m writing. Right now, I’d say werewolves, because I’m in love with Zack from My Wolf’s Bane. And I don’t even care that he’s too young for me.

If you'd have to become any kind of creature from paranormal genre, which would that be?

Shape shifter. Why be limited to turning into a wolf? And why be a vamp who can only drink blood? I like real food.

Ever visited, or even heard about, Finland? (Something I have to ask from everyone :))

I’ve heard of it, of course! I’m not big on traveling, but I’ve seen pictures. Beautiful!

What's the best book(s) you've ever read?

I’m a bit of a book whore, so picking a favorite is like choosing between children. But if you had a gun to my head, I’d say Jemima J by Jane Green or Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Totally different genres, but both are so good! I had the honor of reading Susan Hatler’s upcoming release, Shaken, which was gripping. Y’all probably shouldn’t expect a nice relaxing read on that one.

Free word, anything you would like to say to my readers?

You rock for having me on your blog and stop by my Facebook page to say hi — I love hearing from readers!

Thanks again Veronica! :)

Some links
A Bite's Tale in Amazon
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Veronica's homepage

And now, the giveaway!
Giveaway is open internationally

There will be two winners; US winner will win a paperback copy of "A Bite's Tale" novella; international winner will win an ebook copy of "A Bite's Tale" novella

Entries are verified.

Contest ends Feb 3th 2012

Here's the FB pages mentioned in the first question:
Veronica's FB page and
FB page for Something Witchy This Way Comes

Giveaway is over!

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