November 14, 2011

Musing Mondays #4

A meme hosted by Should Be Reading!

This week’s musing asks…

Are you currently collecting any authors? Why?
Do you have all of their books? If not, why not?
Did you buy all the books in the collection at the same time, or did you buy a book here, a book there? Have you actually read all of the collection? If not, why not?

Well, I did collect authors in the past. Mainly Stephen King, Terry Pratchett and Clive Barker were on my list. I still sometimes buy Terry Pratchett's books, 'cause my husband loves them.

And no, I don't have all their books, since when I collected authors, I was about 16, and didn't really have my own money. So I had to buy book here and there, when ever I found a good bargain or had some extra money. And I still haven't read all those books, mostly because my favorite genre is nowadays YA/paranormal romance, and none of those books really suit anymore.. Sometimes I read some Terry Pratchett, but it's been years since I last read any Stephen King or Clive Barker. 'Cause they're too scary.

Now I prefer collecting series by how good they are, no matter the author.

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JC Jones said...

I am like you. I collect series not authors. If an author has more than one series I will look to see if I will like that series as well. It is about 50/50 as to whether the new series is one I want to read and collect.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if I were to collect any author, it would definitely be Stephen King.

Here's my MM:


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